Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Peace of Mind

I'm to the final 3 weeks (or so) of pregnancy & that's not typically a peaceful mind sort of time for me... In fact, when I was at this point carrying Caleb, I read more Louis L'Lamour books than I ever had in my life! They served as an escape from the sleepless, over-driving brain & were a blessing.

I've been reading a little more inspirational type things this time. One helpful resource has been these two video clips from a sermon James McDonald preached. I hope they encourage you like they have me!

From a tweet earlier today:

6 min on Phil 4:8, honorable thoughts, trusting God, and peace of mind - ow.ly/gQc5e


"Peace flees a fault-finding mind..."


Sorry about the odd links-- haven't posted much from my phone -- hope they work!

Blessings on your brain! :)


Keith and Crystal said...

I hope everything goes well for you, Lizzy! I'm sure everyone is getting excited. :) I've been thinking of you today.

Love you,

The Dickinsons said...

Praying for you. I hope all goes GREAT!!

Can't wait to meet the new little one!

Hope to see you at IHC, if you get to come. Hope so. But, with a new little one, I would understand if you opp to WATCH it from afar. =)